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Kostas Zouvelos, Kassiani Theodorakakou, historical renovation, original stonewalls, Greece, renovated guesthouse, fortified tower

The Tainaron Blue Retreat rises from a crag overlooking the Greek coastline of Cape Tainaron. Originally a 19th-century fortified tower, it was restored and converted into a luxury 3-suites accommodation. Although the architects had to deal with conservation regulations and a detailed restoration, the final look is very charming thanks to the stonewalls and tower.

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All stonewalls where reinforced using a traditional mortar known as ‘kourasani’, made from local Theraic soil, ceramic powder, lime, river sand and a bit of cement. As well as the iconic tower, other features include a patio, a terrace and cool infinity pool that blend into the landscape. Renovated with care and local materials, this former fortified tower is the place to stay at Greece’s Cape Tainaron.

+ Tainaron Blue Retreat

+ Kostas Zouvelos

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Photos by George Meitner