Inspired by a field of reeds that used to grow in northeastern Seoul, SAMOO Architects and Engineers created a thriving, green-roofed extension for the Buk Seoul Museum of Art. The project includes a gallery park, that integrates the light-filled museum with a hill capped with lush grass. The Buk Seoul Museum brings much-needed green space and character to an area of Seoul that is stacked with high-rise apartments.

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The area surrounding the Buk Seoul Museum of Art was lacking in cultural programming to serve the residents that inhabit the high-rises in the region. Keeping this need in mind, SAMOO created an extension that offers not only exhibition space, but also a library, a multimedia facility and an outdoor sculpture park to inspire the community and give them access to art and culture in different forms. The museum also features lots of green space – each of the staggered buildings is topped with a green rooftop garden for community gatherings and relaxation.

The green roofs serve as rainwater filters while insulating the museum and reducing its energy use. The museum’s volumes are staggered around the green hill, creating areas where the architecture blends with nature. This connects visitors to the land and culture at the same time. The basement of the structure features additional educational and multi-purpose facilities. The new museum addition has transformed the area, inviting the community to enjoy culture and nature.

+ SAMOO Architects

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