Ford recently revealed an ambitious plan to offer an entire lineup of fuel-efficient vehicles, and their opening foray will be an impressive mid-sized sedan that they hope will be a Prius-killer! Due early next year, the Ford Fusion, is a fully-featured hybrid vehicle that is capable of achieving 39mpg and actively encourages fuel-efficient driving.

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While we appreciate concept vehicles for the way they chart the future of transportation, we’re always excited to see a new production hybrid vehicle enter the market.

Based upon test drives, the Fusion Hybrid is capable of achieving around 43mph on battery power, which is around the same level of performance that a Prius can achieve. One of the most impressive features of the vehicle is its dynamic display, which is designed to encourage fuel-efficient driving. The display features a vine motif on the right side that is green when the driver is saving fuel, and withers when the driver is not. The ford Fusion Hybrid should be available next year and will set you back around $27,000.

We’ve all heard of the big three’s car problems, so it is a shame that it isn’t until these troubled times that we are starting to see their fruits of their green efforts. Although Toyota has set the standard for hybrid vehicles, Ford is quickly trying to catch up to their competitor’s efforts and we look forward to seeing how the race shapes up in the coming months.

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Via Businessweek