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2012 architechten, dutch design, sustainable ice cream vendor, Joris Rockx, recycled design, superuse, sustainable design, Wout Rockx, Xenomobile, reclaimed materials, re-purposed trash, 2012 Architecten

Built by Wout Rockx(Xenomobile) and Joris Rockx, the collapsible ice cream stand can undergo a transformer-like cranking to reveal an open space for scooping and serving cool treats. (Watch the video here for an impressive demo.)

This is not the first time the dutch firm has put trash to good use. They have set themselves apart in the design world with their dedication to the process of waste renewal by “superuse”, which requires architects to abandon their instinct to create with exact measures and instead design with rough estimates and crude material descriptions in order to adapt reusable materials to opportunity. In the past they have even turned discarded window shields to sneaker shelves, used abandoned sinks for building walls, and transformed rotor blades into playground structures. We’re excited to see what they come up with next!