Ford’s all-new 2013 C-MAX Plug-in hybrid was just rated as most fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid available in the U.S. thanks to its 108 MPGe city rating and 100 MPGe combined rating. With today’s record gas prices, Ford estimates that over the course of five years, C-MAX Energi customers could save nearly $7,000 compared to the average new vehicle.

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The C-MAX Energi’s 100 MPGe combined rating beats the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid’s combined rating by 5 MPGe. With a starting price of $29,995, after federal tax credit , C-MAX Energi is also expected to be America’s most affordable plug-in hybrid.

“Ford is giving customers the power of choice for leading fuel economy regardless of what type of vehicle or powertrain technology they choose,” said John Davis, chief nameplate engineer, C-MAX Energi. “With $5-per-gallon gasoline, C-MAX Energi customers essentially will pay $1.25 per gallon for the same distance traveled compared with average vehicles estimated to achieve 23 mpg.”

The C-MAX Energi joins two other Ford models that have EPA ratings of 100 MPGe or greater. The Ford Focus Electric is rated at 110 MPGe in the city and the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid is projected to deliver over 100 MPGe. For buyers that would rather have a standard hybrid, Ford also offers the C-MAX hybrid, which is rated at 47 mpg city, 47 mpg highway and 47 mpg combined.

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