Ford has responded to criticism regarding the EPA ratings for its 2013 Fusion and C-MAX hybrid models by lowering the C-MAX’s combined rating to 43 mpg. When Ford launched the 2013 Fusion and C-MAX hybrids, Ford claimed that both models had a combined rating of 47 mpg. However, Ford came under fire when publications, including Consumer Reports were unable to achieve the declared fuel efficiency.

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The EPA has even launched an investigation into Ford’s claimed EPA ratings and now Ford has decided to voluntarily lower the rating for the C-MAX hybrid. According to Ford testing of the Fusion Hybrid was used to generate fuel economy labels for both the Fusion Hybrid and C-MAX Hybrid. The result was the same fuel economy label values for both vehicles. Ford is also giving current C-MAX Hybrid owners a check for the estimated average fuel cost of the difference between the original 47 mpg rating and the new lower 43 mpg rating. Customers who purchased their vehicle will receive a check from Ford for $550. Customers who leased their vehicle will receive a check for $325.

Ford has not finalized the rating for the 2014 C-MAX, but it has given it a few powertrain upgrades to improve its efficiency, like transmission updates and new wind deflectors that will make it more aerodynamic.

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