Although Toyota changed its production plans for the small iQ electric vehicle, the Japanese automaker has announced that the iQ EV will be offered in the U.S. under the Scion brand. Rather than selling the car to the general public, Toyota has announced that the 2013 Scion iQ EV will be offered for use in fleet and car-sharing programs.

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The four-seater Scion iQ EV is the perfect city commuter car. “Up to now, cost and convenience issues have limited BEV’s appeal with a broad consumer market. Toyota developed the iQ EV specifically as a city commuter, for use in an urban environment, where driving distances are likely to be short, charging opportunities numerous, and its compact proportions beneficial,” stated Chris Hostetter, TMS group vice president of strategic planning.

The Scion iQ EV features a high-output lithium-ion battery that powers a 63 horsepower electric motor. In ideal stop and go driving conditions, the 12 kWh battery provides an estimated range of up to 50 miles on a full charge and it can be fully charged in approximately three hours using a 240V outlet.

“Approximately 90 iQ EVs will be available for fleet and car-sharing applications,” said Hostetter. “These programs will further expand Toyota’s comprehensive portfolio of advanced technology vehicles which includes the recently-released RAV4 EV, the Prius Family of gas-electric hybrid vehicles, including the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, and the FCHV-Adv (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle-Advanced).”

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