A few years ago electric cars were far out of reach for most buyers, since they had sticker prices that were way too expensive for the average car buyers. Today, electric cars continue to get cheaper, while the technology continues to improve. Chevy has just announced that it is dropping the starting price of the 2015 Chevy Spark EV from $26,820 to $25,995. The best part is that after available tax credits the final price for buyers in some states could be as low as $14,995, thanks to additional tax credits.

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Like other electric cars, the Spark EV is eligible for a federal tax credit up to $7,500 and that’s in addition to the available state incentives. For instance, Spark EV owners may also qualify for a $2,500 state rebate in California or $2,300 excise tax exemption in Maryland. Chevy is also throwing in some additional bonus cash: $1,000 in California, $1,200 in Maryland, and $3,500 in Oregon. Lastly if you would rather lease the Spark EV, it’s available for $139 a month for 39 months with $0 due at signing.

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Chevy estimates that, compared to the average new gas-powered vehicle, the Spark EV can save drivers about $83 per month in fuel costs. The Spark EV has a driving range of 82 miles, but it can be equipped with DC Fast Charging capability that gives it the ability to recharge up to 80 percent in a mere 20 minutes.

Right now the Spark EV is only available in California and Oregon, but by mid-2015 the Spark EV will be available in Maryland.

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