Chevy has announced that the all-new 2016 Chevy Volt can travel up to 53 miles on a fully charged battery, which is nearly a 40-percent improvement over the first-generation Volt! Just like the first Volt, the all-new version returns with a range extender engine that gives it a total driving range of 420 miles.

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The Volt’s electric driving range may not be as long as the BMW i3 plug-in hybrid, but according to Chevy, current Volt owners use battery power on 80 percent of their trips. Chevy expects that the new extended driving range will let next-generation Volt owners will use power solely from their batteries for more than 90 percent of trips.

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“We listened to our customers,” said Andrew Farah, vehicle chief engineer, “They were very clear when they told us that they wanted more range, and a fun driving experience behind the wheel. We are confident that the 2016 Volt delivers both.”

The EPA has also certified the 2016 Volt at a combined 106 MPGe rating, while the gasoline range-extender four-cylinder engine is rated at 42 mpg. Pricing for the 2016 Volt will start at $33,995, which is almost $1,200 less than the current generation.

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