Origami influenced and easy to carry, the new foldable Flux chair is perfect for both events and to complement any apartment. Designed by Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten, the Flux quickly folds into a sturdy chair in just ten seconds. Made from a single sheet of weather-proof plastic, the resulting chair looks like a modern sculpture without the weight or the cost.

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The Flux is ideal for event planning companies as a way to ship or transport a large volume of chairs at low cost and energy. Each chair weighs in at only 10.6 pounds, but more impressively, a whopping 21 chairs can be stacked into a height of just one foot, making it easy and inexpensive to pack and ship.

Small apartment dwellers (hello, New Yorkers!) can easily store extra chairs virtually anywhere – under the couch, in closets – and also offer an impressively stylish chair that looks more design store than traditional folding chair.  Plus buying furniture in New York can be a hassle, as most of us don’t have cars, so this design helps a lot. The chair is also sturdy enough to support 352 lbs, so it can double as a step stool.

The Flux comes in 8 candy colors, with optional cushions to make them even more comfortable.  The weather proof chairs can be used in your apartment or brought to the park, an ideal low cost, low energy chair for the design loving city dweller. Flux chairs are available exclusively at YLiving for $199…which includes shipping!

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