I can’t decide what my favorite thing is about Lee’s Carpets. I think it’s the little movies that accompany each style of carpeting, with electronica playing in the background and images that change at the speed of MTV. I also like their Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP) certification that gives a sustainable seal of approval to their “Unibond” carpet line.

New this month, Lee’s presents 2Faced, a holographic sort of design, in which multiple pile heights and colorways create an optical illusion depending on your perspective. The broadloom 4-dimensional tufting technology hides colors by varying the level of the pile. “I-Spy”, “Alter Ego” and “Still Moving” are the three patterns currently available, both in broadloom and pile. The innovative use of technology gives a temporal dimension to the carpet.

I will admit that the well-targeted marketing strategy and hip website hooked me, but sometimes that’s what it takes for run-of-the-mill carpet to make its mark. 2Faced was selected as product of the month (August) by Architectural Record. They must have shared my enjoyment at viewing carpet while listening to dance beats.

Lees Carpets