Most types of production create waste products that either end up in our air, oceans, or landfills. One lesser known contributor to this problem is beer manufacturing, which produces byproducts that have no use to us – until now. 3Dom, an innovative 3-D printing accessory company, has created a line of filament created from beer brewing waste called Buzzed.

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“We just hate to see a good beer go to waste,” says 3Dom, the company who also sells spools of environmentally-friendly filament made from coffee grounds that smell like a brewing, hot cup’o’joe. Luckily, the Buzzed filament does not produce the aroma of beer while being molded into different creations, but the philosophy behind the product is the same. Materials which would have otherwise ended up decomposing in a landfill are given new life.

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The two filaments are both in 3Dom’s c2Composite line of recycled textiles and come wound on reusable, 100 percent bio-based Eco-Spools. The Buzzed spools sell for $49 and are compatible with any 3-D printing machine using PLA. The attractive golden hue and natural grain of the filament give any printed product a distinct look and feel, perfect for creating the ultimate beer stein. Is there a more perfect way to symbolize the circle of a brew’s life by serving beer in a stein made from beer?


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Images via 3Dom