With the muggy conditions in NYC right now, shutting off your air conditioner might be the furthest thing from your mind – but why not at least make it more energy-efficient while it’s on? If you think about the fact that there are over 3,000,000 households in New York City, and many of them are running their ACs at the same time, you can imagine how much electricity is necessary, putting immense strain on our grid. If you want to chop down your summer utility bills and do your part to conserve electricity, the folks over at NYC Air Conditioning Repair Company have 3 simple tips to help you save energy this summer. Read on to see them all.

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Buy a High-Efficiency AC Unit

Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to actually replace a unit, rather than constantly having it fixed. Older units tend to use more energy. If you buy a high-efficiency unit you can save 20-50% in cost and energy usage! For central air, make sure your unit has a SEER rating of 14 or better and for a window unit, an EERE rating of 10.7 or better.

Install an Accurately-Sized AC Unit

It’s very important to make sure your air conditioning unit is the correct size for the room or rooms it is intended to cool. A person with a size 10 shoe wouldn’t buy sneakers that are only a size 6, right? If your unit is too large or small for your home, it will not run efficiently, waste energy, and cost you lots and lots of money in energy bills or repairs. By having a certified technician come in and assess what size unit your home needs, you can save energy and money immediately.

Put In A Programmable Thermostat

New Yorkers can save and average of $180 a year in energy costs with programmable thermostats that allow you to time different temperatures throughout the day and night. For example, you can set it to turn off while you’re at work, cool your home right before you get home in the evening, etc.

Hopefully our tips have been helpful. Please visit Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating for more energy and money saving information.