After the resounding success of rooftop solar in the Indian state of Gujrat, other states in the country are scrambling to launch programs of their own. Tamil Nadu, a state that has faced power supply and demand issues for some time, is the latest province to join the solar frenzy in India. The Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) has announced plans to set up rooftop solar arrays at about 300 government buildings across the region.

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The agency is planning to cover 50 village government buildings and 234 local government buildings in the area with rooftop solar with a capacity of 7 kW each. About 85 kW of rooftop solar is already being installed at the governor’s house and at the headquartered of the local power utility. To make up for the limited supply of electricity, a number of companies in Tamil Nadu have already set up small-scale grid-connected solar power projects. This allows them to generate the power they need and rack up Renewable Energy Certificates in the process.

The recent solar push is part of Tamil Nadu’s 2012 solar power policy, which aims to increase installed solar power capacity to 3,000 MW by 2015. Of the 3,000 MW, about 12% is projected to come from rooftop solar. To achieve this ambitious goal, the state is ensuring demand for solar by requiring large industrial companies to generate at least 6% of their total power consumption with solar energy and smaller companies to general at least 2%.

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