Bill McKibben and the team at are surely celebrating today as the Senate voted yesterday against the Keystone XL pipeline, however, that doesn’t mean they are resting. They’ve announced their next fight and it is a big one: oil subsidies. The organization is starting a petition to end the $4 billion per year in oil subsidies and is announcing an effort to get every congressperson and senator on the record regarding their stance on big oil. points out that the millions given as campaign contributions to representatives on Capitol Hill by the fossil fuel industry is speaking volumes about Washington’s position on this issue., oil subsidies, keystone xl pipeline, congress big oil campaign contributions, big oil campaign contributions, campaign contributions, fossil fuel industry, fossil fuel industry campaign contributions, big oil subsidies, fossil fuel subsidies, fossil fuel industry subsidies tallied up the numbers and found that Senators voting for the Keystone XL pipeline in yesterday’s 56-42 defeat received $27,552,302 from the fossil fuel industry in campaign contributions which is 3 times more than those voting against it. In the current political season, with gas prices skyrocketing and average Americans outraged at spending so much at the pump, standing up for the oil industry seems like it should be a unpopular position.

So is going on the offense. They’re making it their mission to poke, prod and protest Washington’s support for big oil until they relent. They’ve surely got the President’s backing on this one, as he noted in his State of the Union Address that he believed that we should end the era of big oil subsidies. They haven’t released much information about their plan of action yet, but as of now you can go to their site to sign what will become a huge voided check from the American taxpayer to big oil for $4 billion.