360° Fly-in by NOS

360° Fly-in is a cleverly crafted bird feeder made from organic materials, and does no harm to trees on which it is installed. Created by Mexican design consultancy NOS — best known for their large-scale design projects — this small and clever green product bodes well for each the birds, the environment and any enthusiast who loves the two!

360º Fly-in by NOS

As the name suggests, 360° Fly-in provides a panoramic feeding platform for birds that is created by wrapping two veneer rings around a tree trunk; one acting as a base to put seeds and the other as a roof to make it even more enjoyable for birds to hang out and enjoy their meal.

The CNC-cut rings can be adjusted to fit almost any trunk and only needs 2 small screws each for installation. Its design goes beyond flat-pack with only 6 components, occupying almost no space, and is easy to install, remove and reinstall in another tree.

As Agustín Otegui Saiz from NOS told us, “The 360° Fly-in makes it even more easy for people to watch birds from any angle.”

NOS is currently looking for a production partner for 360° Fly-in. For more information head over to their website.