Germany-based bicycle manufacturer Urwahn Bikes has created a bike frame made entirely of 3D-printed steel. Known as Urwahn Platzhirsch, the minimalist commuter bicycle is already racking up awards, including the international Green Product Award in 2021.

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At least 1,461 participants from 51 countries also submitted entries for the 2021 awards. Categories included architecture and tiny houses, crafts, lifestyle, fashion, work environments, mobility and sports. Projects were judged on their design, innovation and sustainability features.

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This was a redemption story for Urwahn Bikes, which was also nominated for its steel-framed Urwahn Stadtfuchs electric road bike back in 2020. It was the company’s 3D-printed version Urwahn Platzhirsch bicycle, however, that took the award a year later in 2021. According to Urwahn Bikes, the Platzhirsch is also the world’s first electric bike to be entirely created using a 3D printing process. 

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“Receiving the Green Product Award 2021 confirms us once again in our original visions and gives us backing for our further transformation into a sustainable company,” said Urwahn Bikes CEO and founder Sebastian Meinecke. The CEO emphasizes that the company is dedicated to honest communication about its sustainable journey in the local community. “For this reason, over the next few years we will increasingly detach ourselves from distant production sites in order to create even more value in the national and European environment,” Meinecke continued. “The fact is, we are on a sustainable mission.”

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The company already prides itself on its sustainable business model, which was inspired by the circular economy design process. The manufacturer focuses on durability and resource-conserving materials, along with recyclable packaging and ethical work environments for its employees. Not only do the bikes themselves help reduce CO2 emissions as a transportation source, but the use of steel also highlights sustainable materials that can be recycled at the end of their life.

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Images provided by Urwahn Bikes