Ever find yourself longing for your old analog 35mm SLR camera? If you own or have access to a 3D printer, you have the ability to make one for $30 thanks to the OpenReflex Camera project by Leo Marius. The open source, hackable camera is available through Instructables, which offers instructions to build either an entire camera, or replacement parts should anything break. The camera’s components take about 15 hours to print, and work with just about any lens. Each part is separate to simplify assembly and modifications.

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Marius used a RepRap ABS 3D-printer to create the camera, which was an extension of his graduation project. The camera is built in three distinct parts, dividing the entire unit into the film receiver, shutter, and viewfinder. To fabricate the components, Marius suggests a RepRap printer, laser cutter, glass cutter, screw driver, Allen key, and some glasspaper.  After about an hour of putting everything together, all that is needed is a lens of choice. Garage sales and flea markets have proven to be excellent places to find old equipment for little money. The only thing missing is an inexpensive source of film. Nevertheless, the OpenReflex Camera is perfect for photo buffs who would like to have as much control as possible over their artistic process.

For full instructions, visit Marius’ Instructables site.

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