What if you could turn old plastic bottles into fresh new designs with the press of a button? 3D Systems’ new Ekocycle Cube uses post-consumer plastic to 3D print a variety of designs. The eco-friendly campaign is supported by Coca-Cola and will.i.am, who have been collaborating with the company on the Ekocycle sustainability initiative since 2011.

Ekocycle is based on one of 3D Systems’ previous products, the Cube 3. The new device has similar touchscreen controls, but the Ekocycle has a more attractive appearance and can only print filament that is partially comprised of recycled plastic. Each of the cartridges contains about 25 percent of post-consumer PET plastic bottles and provides about three plastic water bottles worth of 3D printing material. The device comes with designs for rings, guitar picks and phone cases.

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Ekocycle can print objects up to 6 inches in size and with a 70-micron resolution. Those who buy the device can also get filament in black, red, white and natural colors. It is expected to cost around $1,200 and will launch later this year.

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