3D Systems’ new CubeJet full-color 3D printer is small enough to put on your desktop and costs less than $5,000. It was unveiled this week as a category-defining 3D printer specifically designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs and hobbyists. It is expected to begin shipping later this year, but for those who are anxious to take a peek at 3D Systems’ most recent addition, Cubejet is on show at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

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The new CubeJet can 3D-print colored objects from white to photo-realistic pastels and vibrant colors. Compared to other models in the consumer category, CubeJet boasts faster print mode options and an improved mobile connectivity and responsiveness.

Unlike most of 3D Systems’ devices, which use the extrusion technology found in most printers of the same consumer category, CubeJet was designed by tapping into the company’s industrial roots and creating an affordable machine able to produce high resolution prints. It is predicted that CubeJet will appeal to small businesses in need for rapid prototyping and those eager to experiment with 3D printing at an affordable price.

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