3D Systems, a manufacturer of 3D printing solutions, just unveiled its new ProJet 4500 full-color plastic 3D printer. The company is calling it the world’s first and only continuous-tone full color 3D printer. That means it’s able to produce 3D prints with a full range of colors that blend as seamlessly as a rainbow. The printer also features integrated material recycling to cut down on wasted materials and filament expenses.

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The printer is able to fabricate fully colored objects right out of the machine, which means you won’t need to spend any time post-processing or coloring. It does this in a two stage printing process made up of a core and binder. To build an object, the printer lays down a thin layer of core material followed by a spray of color binder to build up the final shape and look. From the looks of it, the 4500 also uses a laser sintering process of laying on powder material and using lasers solidify an object from harden layers.

The 3D Systems 4500 printer also fabricates objects using a new class of sustainable VisiJet C4 Spectrum materials. 3D Systems is calling the new material sustainable because it can produce strong, semi-rigid parts that are durable enough to become sneakers.

There aren’t any details on pricing or availability yet, but it’s a new bit of technology that will bring us closer to the Star Trek-ian future of having full-on replicators.

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