We’ve seen some spectacular sea vessels before, such as the TÛRANOR, the world largest solar powered boat. But here’s a brand-spanking new yacht about to give that old-timer a run for its money. Unveiled just last weekend at the Monaco Yacht Show in Monte Carlo, the Emax E-Volution solar hybrid yacht is a triple threat creation that can run on marine diesel, solar power, and just plain old wind. But to say this boat will put you back a pretty penny would be an understatement – the shining schooner by luxury boat maker extraordinaire Sauter Carbon Offset Design rings in at a cool $40 million.

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The boat is more that just a pipe dream, and Sauter is partnering with Ned Ship Group of Switzerland to make it a reality. Each boat will be customizable to individual customer’s needs, but their “basic” package for the Emax E-Volution features all the comforts of a luxury hotel, including six guest cabins and a master suite, a sun deck, pool, outdoor cinema, coat check room, wine storage area and more outdoor sun beds and even several outdoor bars. The creators noted they wanted being modest with the initial model, stating they wanted “to go as lightweight as possible” because in the beginning “the most important step is to go the economical way.” Yes, you read that right.

While excessive, we’ve got to give the yacht some serious props for trying to be eco-consious. Not only can it reach a top speed of 14 knots without a drop of diesel (28 knots with fuel), all those amenities we mentioned above can also be powered by the solar panels that are embedded into the carbon fiber that makes up the boat’s surface. There’s even a waste recovery system above the walk-in refrigerator that heats the water in the master bedroom’s jacuzzi.

Who says the rich don’t care about carbon emissions?

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