The 4StrikeBike features handlebars that double as an extra set of pedals! Designed by Dutch firm TSG Essempio, the bike is a real treat for passionate cyclists, people with back problems and compulsive multi-taskers. The hand pedals can be fixed upright when navigating city traffic or engaged to provide extra power when crossing longer distances at higher speeds. Retired Dutch surgeon Lex van Stekelenburg came up with the idea after developing back problems. Thebike works therapeutically by distributing body weight more naturally than a conventional bicycle.

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Propelling the 4StrikeBike is a fluid process which uses the strength of ones whole body in an alternating fashion-from front to back, left to right and vice-versa. The motion resembles that of four-legged animals, bringing the entire body in the cycling process and providing a higher level of exercise. While regular bikes activate around 50 different muscle groups, the 4StrikeBike uses 78 muscle groups, according to the designers.

The gravitational force is shifted alternately from the left handle to the right handle and back, bringing them, together with the crank, into motion. The ”handlebike” drive system is combined with the “foot bike” drive system  in a synchronized fashion, offering different cycling modes which suit various traffic scenarios and personal preferences of the cyclist.

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