By now you may have taken a look at our listof 5 energy-saving smartphone apps and wondered, “What if I don’t have a smartphone?” Don’t worry–we still have you covered. Read on for a list of our favorite home energy-saving devices that don’t require a fancy phone.

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Wiser Home Control

This ultra-sophisticated system connects all the devices in your home (including lighting, air conditioning, and irrigation) so that you can control them via cell phone or internet. That means you can, say, turn on the irrigation system while  you’re on vacation or turn off the air-conditioning if you know you’ll be home late. Prices vary depending on options.

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The tabletop touchscreen Control4 system uses wireless technology to connect all the electronics in your house, including temperature, lighting, and even your TV screen. It’s the perfect system for anyone who routinely forgets to turn off the lights after leaving the house. Much like Wiser Home Control, prices for Control 4 vary depending on how many electronics you hook up to the system. Bonus feature: Control4 can also be controlled via iPhone or iPad.

Ted 5000

Ted 5000

This energy monitor measures electricity use in real-time. It isn’t easy to install–you’ll probably have to get an electrician to work on the wiring–but once it’s ready, the device offers graphs and data points that can help you cut down on energy use. Best of all, it’s compatible with Google’s PowerMeter software, which means that users can access Ted 5000 data from any Internet-connected device. Prices vary.



Not to be confused with the similarly-named Muppets character, Onzo features a display and wireless sensor kit that run on energy taken from your home’s electrical cable. It’s simple, intuitive, and portable.  Onzo will be available later this year.

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This sleek energy dashboard measures home power use, with or without a smart meter. The touchscreen dashboard also connects wirelessly to a Temperature Control Unit that can automatically adjust the temperature at night or when you’re not home. A series of spreadsheets and graphs displaying the intricacies of your energy use is also available on the dashboard. EnergyHub will be available soon.

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