In light of increased environmental, health and lifestyle awareness around the world, it’s not surprising that green cache can be a key factor in boosting a brand’s reputation and consumer reach. So how do you effectively market a green product in this day and age? Well, considering there are over 130 million blogs on the Internet (according to Technorati), and 350 million people reading blogs daily (according to Comscore), the blogosphere is definitely a great place to start. But getting a blogger – especially a ‘green blogger’- to evangelize your product isn’t as easy as copying them on a mass e-mail with a list of specs or even sending them unsolicited free stuff (in fact, these fall into the more irksome modes of approach). Rather, if you want to get some effective green online marketing going, check out these five great tips from Inhabitat’s Editor-in-Chief (and seasoned blogger) Jill Fehrenbacher on how you can best win over an eco-blogger and get them to love and want to evangelize your product.