Is texting, twittering and surfing the web on your cell-phone making you stupid? Quite possibly, according to journalist Nicholas Carr, and a whole host of other articles that have been published this year about the deleterious effects of communicating in 40 character bites of information. So, how so we put the ‘smart’ back into ‘smart phone’ and put those devices to work for your brain? Instead of spending all of your smartphone time texting and twittering, it’s worth checking out some other cool apps you can use on phones that can help you exercise those neurons. If you’re a person who understands the importance of keeping your mind sharp through mental exercise, then you’ll love our latest round-up featuring five awesome apps geared at boosting brainpower. From Sodoku to Wiki Hunt, to a even few sessions with Dr. Kawashima, we guarantee you’ll find more than a few exercises that’ll make your brain sweat!