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Although they only work during the day, in poor areas where informal housing lacks the daylighting we take so much for granted or the fuel required to generate energy, these liter of light bulbs are absolutely life-changing. Children who would otherwise have had to do their homework by candlelight or mothers who have to cook in the same poor conditions can now see perfectly well – at least during the day.

Stephen, who is especially interested to find low-cost but high quality housing solutions for informal neighborhoods in his home city, Cape Town, met Liter of Light’s founder Illac Diaz at the COP 17 event in Durban last year; they hit it off immediately. Diaz then invited Stephen to design the non-profit organization’s pavilion for the Shanghai Biennale, which doubles as a prototype for 21st century slum homes. In addition to the mushroom farm, which sprouts in long stems hanging from the ceiling, the boxy double height space is lit up with 56 of A Liter of Light’s own special brand of bulbs!

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All images (c) Stephen Lamb of Touching the Earth Lightly