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Matthew Carden, Small World, food, food photography, healthy eating, small landscapes

Fantastical Photographed Scenes Pay Tribute To Food

Photographer Matthew Carden creates fantastic miniature landscapes that revisit healthy eating choices. From a bug’s perspective, Carden creates playful moments using fruit, vegetables and small human figures in a ¨Small World¨. Here we realize the beauty in everyday life and eating.


solskin design, Solskin Peels, Israel, Ori Sonnenschein, royal college of art, biodegradable designs, orange peels, tangy orange

Biodegradable Designs Grown From Dried Orange Skins

Israel-based Ori Sonnenschein loves experimenting with food waste and everyday objects. His latest adventure is ‘Solskin Peels’, a collection of objects made from tangy orange skins that are biodegradable, locally sourced, cheap, water-resistant and smell like heaven.


Royal College of Art, recycles materials, fish scales, Eric de Laurens, french design, recycled fish scales, recycled plastic, glasses, goggles

Spectacles and Other Decor Made From Fish Scale Plastic

Royal College of Art’s new graduate Eric de Laurens unveiled a series of objects using a smelly technique he developed himself while studying in his final year. Cups, reading glasses, goggles and a fishy table decoration were made using a recycled and innovative material that he calls “fish scale plastic”.

Design Academy of Eindhoven, Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin, Formafantasma, flour, agricultural waste, limestone, soft colores, biodegradable designs, food

Crafty Vessels Made by Mixing Flour, Agricultural Waste and Limestone

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin from Formafantasma have developed a colored collection of vessels by mixing 70% flour, 20% agricultural waste and 10% limestone. Taking a critical approach to design, while reviving old techniques and food-based materials, this is just another exciting and quirky project coming from the duo.


chocolate weapons, cacao, BOOM!, Mexico, Omelette, Hector Galvan, political message, local produce

Chocolate Weapons Melt Into a Political Message

BOOM! is a sweet bit of artillery designed by Hector Galvan from studio Omelette. Created with the aim of delivering a message for the production of organic, locally-made and high-quality chocolate, instead of importing it, these crafty chocolates bombs are sweet and have a killer message.

Skidmore Owings and Merrill, Eleanor Roosvelt High School, NYC, Canstruction, canned food, building blocks

Massive Canned Food Sculptures Make a Stir in NYC

Using canned food as building blocks, teams of architects, designers and engineers — including Skidmore Owings and Merrill to Eleanor Roosvelt High School — patiently built twenty six tasty sculptures for an event called Canstruction in downtown NYC. From Angry Birds to massive product barcodes, these jaw-dropping sculptures were created to raise the awareness of hunger issues, as well as to collect thousands of cans of food to feed needy New Yorkers.