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cocoon, DEDON, daniel pouzet, recyclable materials, non-toxic, woven material,

DEDON’s Zero Waste Nest Rest is Made From a Recyclable Synthetic Resin Fiber

Made from an innovative eco-lux material that is recyclable, non-toxic and weatherproof, DEDON’s Nest Rest is the perfect cocoon for snuggling in the wild. Designed by Daniel Puzet and Fred Frety, its production implies zero waste, as every little scrap gets sold or recycled back to make a new product.


felt, biodegradable materials, cocoon, Freyja Sewell, hush, british design, soft cocoon

Freyja Sewell’s Warm Hush is Made From Biodegradable Felt

Made from thick grey felt that is biodegradable, soft and very warm, Freyja Sewell’s Hush pod was designed for retreating from the world within public spaces. A hiding space, seat and bed all in one, Sewell’s design offers a quiet, dark, soft, and natural place to take a break from the stresses of daily life and other people.


Victoria University of Wellington, cold-bent plywood, cradle, autism, wooden cocoon, flat pack furniture

Victoria University of Wellington’s Rocking Cradle is Made From Cold-bent Plywood

Made from cold-bent plywood and designed by a group of people within the Victoria University of Wellington, cradle is a rocking cocoon for giving autistic people a space to calm-down through movement. Safe, comfortable and flat-pack, the cleverly-designed Cradle is a home within a home.

recyclable polyester, Martin Azua, golden polyester, golden cube, pop up house, prefab home, self inflating

Martin Azua’s Cubic Basic House is Made From Recyclable Golden Polyester

Made from brilliant recyclable polyester and designed by SpanishMartin Azua, Basic House is a self-inflating shelter that fits in your pocket. As soon as the material interacts with body temperature or the heat from the sun, the prefab home takes the shape of a glowing cube for snuggling inside, anywhere you want to take it.


Berta Riera Pomes, Yunwei Zhu, Iglu, rattan, biodegradable materials, hand-made cocoon, natural materials

Berta Riera Pomes’ Spherical Iglu is Made From Biodegradable Rattan

Made from plant fibers rattan and designed by Berta Riera Pomes and Yunwei Zhu, Iglu is a cute woven shelter that offers a natural space in which to hide. Eco-friendly, biodegradable and breathable, Iglu is delicately handmade and is sure rock your world.


Cape Town, Porky Hefer, human Nest, bark cocoon, biodegradable cocoon, stilts, weaverbirds

Porky Hefer’s Hand-knitted Human Nests are Made From Bark and Branches

Made entirely from local compostable materials like wood, bark and branches, Cape Town-based Porky Hefer’s Nests are inspired by weaverbirds’ nests but made for humans. Weather they are hanging from a branch or placed on stilts, Hefer’s natural pods are the perfect cozy cocoons to retreat from the world.