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Naked Binders, Project Binders, back to school, school supplies, 100% recycled, recycled materials

Project Binders

These binders are a great alternative to those plastic hardcovered binders. These Project Binders are bare to the bone; made from 97% FSC certified post consumer waste, like recycled magazines, newspapers and office papers. Strong and sturdy, the colorful spines are made from 100% cotton book cloth and a water-based glue and can withstand some serious academic abuse.

+ Project Binders $7.50 – $10.00 at Naked Binder

Back to school, school supplies, notebooks, journals, ecosystem, artist journal, architect journal, author journal

Ecosystem Journals

Even though they’re technically journals, you can totally for jotting down everyday notes and assignments. Ecosystem offers three types for every kind of student: architect (grid paper), artist (non-lined) and author (lined). The journals are made in the USA from 100% recycled materials. Each journal comes with a special ID number that you can take online, register, and if you somehow lose your book, whoever finds it just needs to fill out a contact form online and an e-mail will be sent to you telling you where it is. When you’re done with your journal, Ecosystem will even recycle it for you.

+ Ecosystem journals $6.95 – $19.95

Vegetarian Shoes, biodegradable pen, made from corn, school supplies, back to school

Vegetarian Shoes Biodegradable Pens

Old pens end up in landfills all the time. Switch it up this year by getting these biodegradable pens made from corn by Vegetarian Shoes. They may be a shoe company, but don’t let that discourage you, these pens are made to last even longer than regular pens.

+ $1.49 at Vegan Essentials + £1.95 GBP at Vegetarian Shoes

Paper Mate, Earth Write, 100% recycled pencils, recycled pencils, back to school, school supplies

Paper Mate Earth Write 100% Recycled Pencils

You’ll need a stock of pencils to keep up with all those math problems (or doodling). These Paper Mate pencilsare made from 100% recycled wood and come with a smudge resistant eraser. If you’re more into mechanical pencils, Paper Mate has a biodegradable corn-based pencil.

+ Pack of 48 Paper Mate 100% Recycled Pencils $7.89 at Office Depot

+ 2 Paper Mate Earth Write Mechanical Pencils $6.29 at Office Depot

Green Guru Gear, medium zip pouch, pencil case, pens and pencils, school supplies, back to school

Green Guru Gear Case

So, where are you going to put all your eco-friendly pens and pencils? In your recycled inner tube case, of course! Green Guru’s medium zipper pouch is the perfect size for all your writing utensils. Made in the USA from recycled bicycle inner tubes, these pouches are water resistant, super sturdy and stylish.

+ Medium Zip Pouch $9.95 at Green Guru Gear

Swell bottle, Swell, stainless steel bottle, reusable bottle, lunchbox, school supplies, back to school

Lunchbox S’well Stainless Steel Bottle

We hope you don’t plan on bringing water bottles to school! This S’well bottle is beautifully designed alternative to plastic, and the best thing about it is that it’s insulated, so it won’t sweat! S’well bottles are non-toxic, non-leaching, and BPA free. The mouthpiece is big enough to drop in ice cubes, but small enough so water doesn’t drip out when you sip. S’well also donates 10% of all the bottles proceeds go to WaterAid, an organization that builds clean, safe water sources in Africa and India.

+ $25 at S’well