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Anja Markiewicz’s Amazingly Tiny Origami

German artist Anja Markiewiczmakes tiny origami figures from pieces of paper that are less than an inch long. Using a toothpick, her skilled hands and a load of patience she creates nano-origami cranes, dragons, flowers and snowflakes that are small and beautiful.

Green Kitchen,Green Materials,green graphic design,art,paper tea set,folded paper,japanese design, Japanese design, Paper Tea Set, ephemeral art, Yuya Ushida, yuya vs. design

Yuya vs. Design’s Ephemeral Origami Tea Set

Japanese industrial designer Yuya Ushida has her own studio design studio were she creates all sorts of experimental objectsthat make people happy. Her Paper Tea Set is a magical collection of different tea elements made from a single sheet of folded coated paper and judging by the picture we can see it works without spilling a drop!

Art, Green Materials, Recycling / Compost, Takayuki Hori, X-ray Origami, trasluscent Origami, Endangered Species, ephemeral art, recyclable paper, biodegradable paper, paper art, paper sculpture, Japanese art, japanese design, origami, origami animals, Oritsunagumono, Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award

Takuyi Hori’s Beautiful X-ray Origami Animals

Takuyi Hori is a Japanese graduate of Kanazawa College of Art who seeks to create awareness about endangered species. He uses folded translucent paper with animal skeletons printed on it to create x-ray origami that are beautiful and have a strong environmental message.


Green Lighting, Recycling / Compost, folded paper, origami lights, Lazerian, Altair, Deneb, Vega, Summer Triangle, Liam Hopkins, biodegradable lights

Lazerian’s Celestial Origami Hanging Lights

British studio Lazerian uses the ancient Japanese art to give an intricate edge to their lightning collection. By laser-cutting and hand-folding paper they are able to create the most beautiful lamps that take the shape of distant stars.

Video installation,art installation,folded paper,Bremen university,german design, Recycling / Compost,green Interiors,Decorative Objects,

University of the Arts’ Luminous Origami Installation

The German University of the Arts in Bremen created an innovative way for displaying digital information within the library’s staircase. Using large-scale origami paper panels as a screen, they can project all sort of information communicating with students in a fun and very cool new way.

art, recycled materials, Craig Folds Five, origami money, origami, money, origami animals, us dollars

Craig Folds Five’s Intricate Origami Money

Using some spare US dollars folded by the ancient Japanese technique, Craig Folds Fivecreates some intricate origami money. From an original fisherman on a boat to an intricate koi fish, this US-based artist forces us to consider our relationship with money, and crafts.