Florida Keys residents who had just moved into their multimillion dollar home woke up to quite a surprise last Thursday. Inside their cozy, 80 degree swimming pool was an eight-foot-long crocodile. They called wildlife officials in a frenzy, yet it turns out the croc is well-known to neighbors and a welcome part of the community. She even has a name: Duchess.

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An official of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Robert Dube, told local CBS news, “The crocodile was basically just chilling” and that she was seen sauntering back to the sea when all those humans started crowding her morning soak. The neighborhood on the Keys island of Islamorada has grown accustomed to seeing Duchess and her offspring visit their homes and many residents enjoy witnessing her comings and goings.

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“Dutchess comes every year now and lays her eggs in that sandy spot just beyond the gravel every year,” said neighbor Sally Horsfall Eaton. Others describe her as “skittish” when approached, calming fears of a wild crocodile attack. Over time, hopefully the new residents will grow to be as accommodating as the rest of the neighborhood and Duchess will continue to be a welcome part of the local community.

Via CBS Miami

Images via CBS Miami