Halloween is undoubtedly one of the most fun holidays around, but it can also be stressful to try to come up with a clever costume that doesn’t require too much work. With all the awesome halloween contests and parties, finding that special costume with the perfect balance of intrigue and cleverness can really drive a person to their wit’s end! Don’t fret! Take a deep breath, and step away from the costume aisle at your local big box store, and let us inspire you with 8 awesomely green halloween costumes from Inhabitat Green Halloweens past.

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Our very own Mike Chino shows us how easy it is to transform yourself into our favorite, ever-blending character from our childhoods. Just grab a red and white striped shirt, hat, dorky glasses, touristy camera and, hopefully, 20 similarly dressed pals.


While the plight of our forests is no laughing matter, we have to admit that this flawlessly executed couples costume had us chuckling. All you need to pull this off is some leftover tinsel, (some Barbie protesters, if you really want to go there), a plaid shirt, and a chainsaw made of leftover cardboard. Oh yeah, it really helps if you happen to have a beard.


This clever costume won our Green Halloween Costume Contest last year, and the whole ensemble is so well-crafted that it’s hard to believe it was crafted from stuff this imaginative gal already owned! And you can do it too – just grab an old bustier or tank top, some shells, some plastic bags and some shiny fabric or a long tight skirt for your “tail.” Then add some green gunk to your eyes and mouth for an instant “I’ve been poisoned” look!


We absolutely adore this kid’s costume that won our Inhabitots Green Halloween Costume Contest last year. Your little one will look just as cute in a blue shirt, blue hat made of a triangle of remnant fabric, black pants and a “beard” made of yarn, an old towel or anything scruffy you might have around the house. Mushroom optional.


Bask in the adoring glow of people of all ages as they gaze upon you with fond memories of two of the kids literary world’s most beloved characters! For George, all you need are some brown pants, a brown shirt and brown cloth or stocking to put over your head and for the Man in the Yellow Hat, a yellow shirt, yellow pants and a yellow hat. Since yellow hats aren’t the easiest thing to come by, there’s no harm in making one out of cardboard and painting it – with low VOC paint, of course!


With the polar icecaps melting, polar bears are no longer the carefree animals once depicted in those wintery Coca Cola commercials. Spread some awareness about the dire situation they’re in by donning a white faux fur coat that you might either have already or can purchase at your local thrift shop. A worried expression and eyeliner blackened nose complete the look.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly baby costume that is sure to evoke some awwwwws, these adorable little escargots are the way to go! All you need is some brown clothing and brown sleeping bags to roll up as “shells,” et voila!


Last, but certainly not least, Inhabitat Senior Editor Emily Pilloton and her sister have not one, but two, clever DIY costume ideas for you. For the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, all you need is some green clothes, colorful scraps of fabric, whatever weapons you may have lying around the house (because seriously, who doesn’t have some spare nunchucks) and an old trashcan lid. Emily’s witty “Eskimo Pi” outfit is just a bubble vest with faux fur hood and a “Pi” t-shirt.

When you’re done perfecting your own costume masterpiece, why not get some recognition for your mad crafting skills? Enter our Green Halloween Costume contest – you could win some sweet green goodies and of course, the fame and fortune of being featured on Inhabitat!