Who would have thought that vomit could be worth so much?! 8-year-old Charlie Naysmith from the UK thought he had simply found an interesting rock on the beach, but it turned out he had a piece of ambergris, also known as whale vomit, worth $63,000. Ambergris is a key ingredient in the manufacture of perfume and is incredibly valuable. However Charlie is not letting his new-found wealth go to his head – he has vowed to use to the money to build shelters for animals.

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Ambergris is essentially hardened vomit that comes from the intestines of sperm whales and is emptied into the ocean. It is often washed up onto the shoreline. which is exactly where Charlie found it whilst walking along Hengistbury Head, a stretch of sand that extends out to the English Channel near Bournemouth.

Picking up the 600 gram ‘rock’, Charlie took it home as an object of curiosity, but after some cursory research on the internet, his family found out that it was worth roughly $63,356. But how is a piece of vomit worth so much? Well, it turns out that ambergris is popular among perfume-makers who use it to prolong the scent of perfume. As it is quite rare for some to simply wash up on the beach, it is a much sought-after ingredient. One pound of the stuff is said to be worth $10,000!

Speaking to the Bournemouth Echo, Charlie’s father Alex said: “He is into nature and is really interested in it. We have discovered it is quite rare and are waiting for some more information from marine biology experts.”

It is clear that Charlie really does love nature as he has vowed to use the profits from his discovery to build a shelter for animals!

via International Business Times/ Bournemouth Echo

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