Gorgeous and Green, Global Green USA, ecofashion, ecofabulousPhoto by Erik Pawassar for Inhabitat

Global Green USA raised $230,000 at the event, which will fund back-up solar systems on critical buildings and schools impacted by Hurricane Sandy, seed funding for green rebuilding entrepreneurs, and sustainable neighborhood infrastructure in New York and New Jersey.

Once again, we were at a loss for choosing our favorite designers, as there were so many luxurious get ups to choose from. We fell in love with the Parisian style of Amour Vert, while the made-in-the-USA eco-conscious fabrics beamed national pride. The Ikat orange recycled polyester tunic dress was especially wearable and festive.

Naturally, PACT underwear kept us on our toes, as we blushed at the many tight ab’d underwear models walking down the runway. Made from organic cotton with fair labor practices in energy-efficient factories, PACT promotes change makers with a cause in the fashion industry.

Gorgeous and Green, Global Green USA, ecofashion, ecofabulous Photos by Erik Pawassar for Inhabitat

San Francisco residents Olga Dzilikhova and Mina Yazdi of Mina & Olya design retro chic sophisticated pieces from California-made organic fabrics. One of our favorites was the buttery Champagne hemp silk charmeuse deep v-neck dress with inverted pleats. We also loved the organic raw silk ragan ivory blouse, paired with an organic boiled wool tulip skirt.

Gorgeous and Green, Global Green USA, ecofashion Photos by Erik Pawassar for Inhabitat

Probably the most provocative gowns were made by Tennessee-based design house, Prophetik. We loved the hemp silk gowns with exposed hardware in the back and artichoke layered skirts, hand-dyed with Japanese Indigo from the designer’s garden.

Gorgeous and Green, Global Green USA, ecofashion

We also loved the white winter cocktail dresses of San Francisco-based designer Cari Borja; and in particular, the hooded winter frock dress with full tea length skirt. Cari Borja’s glittery off-shoulder sea foam dress was also a favorite.

Gorgeous and Green, Global Green USA, ecofashion Photos by Erik Pawassar for Inhabitat

Oliver Tolentino made custom gowns specifically for the show, using pineapple fiber cloth and ancient weaving techniques from his native Philippines. We especially loved the effervescent shear layers of his full-length ivory gowns.

Gorgeous and Green, Global Green USA, ecofashion

Photo by Erik Pawassar for Inhabitat

It’s clear to see that the Gorgeous & Green eco-fashion show is an annual favorite of fashionista philanthropists and eco-conscious celebrities alike, and we look forward to the next one!

Global Green U.S.A. is the American outreach arm of the environmental organization Green Cross International, a program initiated by President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993. The Global Green mission is to “create a global value shift toward a more secure and sustainable future by working to mitigate global warming, expand green building and green schools, eliminate weapons of mass destruction, and ensure access to clean water.”

Innovative programs for green schools, green affordable housing, and climate change initiatives, in California and nationally, are making a huge impact on many lives.

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