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Be Palettø! by the Aarhus School of Architecture

Be Palettø! is an experiment in architecture for public spaces created by a group of eleven students at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark. They took 420 humble shipping pallets and built a pavilion in the middle of campus to spend a warm summer day between classes in. The structural installation provides shade as well as seating.

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Boxel Pavilion by the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold

Students from the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany recently developed and built this extraordinary Boxel pavilion out of 2,000 beer crates. The temporary freestanding structure was erected on campus to provide the coolest music venue around.

Parade by the London University of Arts

Profiled on eVolo, this Parade installation was created by a public arts group based at the University of the Arts, London. They used 4,200 milk crates to develop a new architectural space right in the middle of campus.

Shipping Pallet Building by the University of Colorado, Denver

Students in the design build program at the University of Colorado, Denver built two tremendous projects to enhance a local farm’s operations while making a definitive statement about sustainable design. Reuse was the project’s core lesson, and this building made of pallets is the beautiful result. Placed on a working farm near downtown Denver, the building will host classes and a farmers market, and will offer place to relax during a hard day’s labor.

Goat Milking Shed by the University of Colorado, Denver

The design build team also put together this amazing structure which is, of all things, a goat milking shed — but it is so much more. The built-in seating make it a place for human habitation too, and it rises from a core of gabion boxes filled with reused concrete tailings.

Temporary Bar by the Oporto School of Architecture

This temporary structure was the winning design for the annual Oporto School of Architecture’s bar design competition in Portugal. The design is based on a mass produced Ikea tub and is illuminated by LED lights to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Recycled Cardboard Building by Auburn University

A small team of students at Auburn University sought to prove a waste material’s viability as a construction product by creating a functional small building out of waxed corrugated cardboard bails. Their success paves the way for experimenting with common materials in new ways.

FabLab House by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

The FabLab House, a solar panel-covered passive building designed by a team from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, is perhaps the funkiest house we covered for the 2010 Solar Decathlon. This three-legged house is clad in solar panels and is chock full of tricks to keep it cool during the heated competition.

Lumenhaus by Virginia Tech University

The champion of the 2010 Solar Decathlon was the stunning Lumenhaus designed by students of Virginia Tech University. They just squeezed past the IKAROS House by the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, Germany with a design that adapts precisely to the owner’s needs and the current weather conditions. The home pushes the limits of sustainable design and is an incredible vision of the future of sustainable building.