When it comes to global innovation, teenagers are leading the way. The latest teen genius to cross our radar is Thomas Suarez, a 15-year-old who claims to have designed a 3D printer that is ten times faster and more reliable than anything on the market.

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It’s quite a claim, but you would be foolish to discount Suarez. A few years ago, he made headlines when he created a Justin Bieber whack-a-mole game called Bustin Jieber. Since then has given talks to TED and the BBC. Now he is turning to 3D printing

3D printing has the potential to revolutionize everything from the medical industry to the way we produce everyday objects, however one of the major drawbacks is the time it takes to create something. An object the size of a basketball can take a day to make, so we’re a long way from making Mission: Impossible-style masks in a few minutes.

However Suarez and his company CarrotCorp plan on changing that. After developing an interest in the technology back in 2012, Suarez was lucky enough to tour the MakerBot Botfarm. “I told my dad [about 3D printing], and he said, ‘oh that’s not real!’,” Suarez said back then. “He didn’t believe it.”

Suarez was so taken by the technology that he decided to give it a try himself. “Recently I applied for a patent on 3D printing,” Suarez told the BBC in a recent interview. “I’m trying to make 3D printing faster and more reliable. The key there is speed, and we’re trying to [get] ten times faster than current generation 3D printers.”

Of course, Suarez’s prototype’s details are top secret, but if he can produce a 3d printer that’s ten times faster than today’s technology, it could change the industry completely. To watch the interview with Thomas Suarez, click here.

Via The BBC