Making a tiny space into a family home is no easy feat, but with a little design savvy, it can produce some seriously amazing results. Pacific Northwest-based artist Quinn Dimitroff and her husband recently converted a 1987 International School Bus into a serene, minimalist tiny home for their family of three.

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a kitchenette with full-sized oven

The interior of the tiny home on wheels is a very compact 200 square feet, but thanks to a few smart features, it seems way more spacious. The pale beige walls, white ceiling and wood-laminate flooring give the space a fresh atmosphere, which is enhanced with a few pops of color found throughout the home. Additionally, ample natural light, especially from the extra-large windshield, brightens the entire living space.

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a small loveseat next to a kitchen area

According to Quinn, the renovations took a full year, with the couple doing most of the work themselves. During that time, they knew that strategic storage would be the key to living clutter-free with a toddler in tow. Accordingly, storage can be found throughout the home, from the bookshelves above the windshield to the storage cabinets hung above the kitchen.

a chalkboard and compact kitchen space

The main space is comprised of a sofa that the couple built themselves and a kitchen with a full-size stove and convection oven. Next to this space is a multifunctional table that the couple uses for food prep, working and dining.

baby's crib and laundry space

Past the kitchen is the bathroom, which is surprisingly spacious with enough room for a full-sized tub, a stand-up shower and a composting toilet.

white bathroom with modern decor

At the far end of the converted bus are the bedrooms. For the little one, the couple created a vibrant little nook with enough space for her bed and toys. The master bedroom features a queen-sized bed, which Quinn refers to as her “sanctuary space.”

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Via Apartment Therapy

Photography by Jessie Bennett