Minimalist design and sustainable materials are leading the way in interior design. Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8 from FlexiSpot was designed with those principles in mind. It has a dual motor lifting system and a highly durable design. And that’s just the beginning.

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A top view of a desk with a laptop, coffee cup and other nick knacks

Best of all, the desk can hold up to 220 pounds of weight, which is enough to support various types of electronic equipment. It’s made with a bamboo top, a material that is sustainable and highly durable. Bamboo is easy to clean and naturally water-resistant.

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The bottom of a desk has wires for it to move up and down

Additionally, the bamboo desk sits on top of an enhanced frame. The dual motors keep the desk stable, even when you have heavy equipment on it. The motors keep things stable no matter which setting you’re using in the three stages of heights available. This desk stands from 24 to 49.2 inches tall.

A drawer pull-out of a wooden desk

It’s got the features you’d want in a desk, too. There’s a built-in wireless charger and a cable management tray under the desk to keep everything neat and organized. The smart control panel has USB ports embedded right into the design. The minimalist design leaves plenty of legroom under the desk and creates a sleek look that will fit into any space well.

A standing desk with a laptop and coffee cup on top of it

Moreover, adjust the height as needed. Or use the desk to hold just about anything you might want to put on there, and enjoy the durability and beauty of bamboo all at the same time. This standing desk is an example of how interior design is changing and how it’s being used to promote a more Earth-positive message.

An arm of someone standing behind a standing desk with the control panels zoomed in

Choose items made from sustainable materials in minimal designs that take fewer resources to make. Choose to help improve the health of the planet. When doing the right thing for the world means getting cool stuff like this to play around with, being eco-friendly is pretty sweet.

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