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The barn consists of 2 living areas for 20 people, and even has an old bell that was lovingly restored. The home was fitted with tall bay windows that let in natural light, and clad in weathered corten steel panels that will ensure the new barn’s longevity. Unlike the Villa Rotterdam renovation which topped the original home with a geometric glass roof, the Doggerij maintains the traditional thatched roof – though it did need a complete upgrade.

The new barn is also a paragon of space management. Each resident has their own living areas in addition to access to communal spaces and a kitchen, plus there is even room left over for classrooms, where residents learn how to structure their lives so that they can return to society. Outside the home are an orchard, a vegetable garden, and even space to raise livestock – all healthy, earthy skills that are sure to not only ease the transition back to the frenzy of day-to-day life, but will also hopefully encourage continued gardening which may have added benefits for storm water management. Not only is the Doggerij an excellent example of great green architecture, but it could also help save precious lives.

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images via Marcel van der Burg

Via Arch Daily