Sustainable cosmetics have come a long way in the last decade. Instead of just one highlighted benefit to the consumer or environment, brands boast multiple features. They want to make formulas that are healthier for the consumer and the environment. That’s certainly the case with Manilla, a leading brand of natural cosmetics out of Lithuania, who just exhibited at North America’s beauty industry event Cosmoprof in Las Vegas 2022.

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Manilla has been developing an eco-friendly and sustainable business model from the beginning. The company uses ingredients derived from renewable carbon sources. They also make sure that the plants from which the raw materials are extracted are replanted and replenished and that the ingredients are self-degrading.

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Additionally, their products have more than one benefit for health. Manilla’s “super” serums are selected based on scientific research into the health benefits and sourced from quality global suppliers.

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Ingredients currently used by Manilla include biotechnologically extracted hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, keratin, botanical extracts of plants, mushrooms and microalgae. Furthermore it has organic AHAs, BHAs and PHAs, as well as active and stable vitamin forms. This allows Manilla serums to have several functions in one.

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Manilla was founded in 2016 by a doctor, and the company is led by a female scientist research and development team. The company’s goal is to democratize expert skincare solutions for women regardless of skin type, age or race. They boast a customer list 70,000 strong. Moreover, Manilla products target common skin conditions and can be combined into beauty routines for holistic results. They only use fully recyclable packaging and make hair, skin and beauty products that are all natural, vegan and made from biodegradable high-quality materials.

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Manilla has a unique serum to reduce oil on the skin. It contains a bioactive plant-based polyphenol and bamboo silica powder to help fight acne bacteria and absorb shine. You will still find preservatives, glycerin and alcohol or glycols in these products. Most ingredients are things like natural witch hazel, rosemary and tea tree oil. All around, it’s a clean brand, and one that has thought about the full carbon lifecycle of sustainability and health.

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