This fruitalicious sculpture by Netherlands-based artist Helmut Smits has got us thinking about how we can transform our own fruit bowl into a fabulous piece of art this weekend. Built out of recycled wooden crates, fruit, and green carpet for grass, his Football Stadium is a charming way to display produce. Can’t you just imagine its popularity at your local farmer’s market?!

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We love Smits’ use of recycled wooden crates as shading for the produce spectators. He also used the fruits’ labels as advertising banners around the stadium. Built in 2002, the stadium measures 4.5 m long, 3.5 m wide and 1.7 m high and uses halogen work lights for the stadium lighting. We’re sure that you could build one with an LED flood light for better energy efficiency. Creative reuse like this just might even help sell more fruits and vegetables.

Presumably, since Smits is from The Netherlands, he’s referring to the global understanding of football and not the American version, but if you’re gearing up for the fall onslaught of big men tackling each other, you can go on ahead and think about it as an American football stadium.

Via RecycleArt