It may look like a craftily Photoshopped April Fools’ joke, but this forest in Minnesota, visible on Google Maps, is shaped exactly like the state itself. The forest bears an incredible resemblance to the MN border and, according to an ex-forester, has been around for some time. If this oddity leaves you unimpressed, check out the Minnesota-shaped lake located in the central part of the state.

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You might not notice it from the ground, but a few zooms on Google Maps will show you a patch of timber harvest shaped like the Minnesota state. This strange occurrence is found on land managed by the DNR Division of Forestry and could be explained as a work of a particularly artistic forester.

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The patch is located on state-managed land where foresters are employed to alter and design timber harvests in order to meet different ecological and economic objectives. This practice, which mimics the effect of fire, enables regeneration of the forest tree species.

An ex-forester claims that the forest has existed in this shape for some time, while a redditor on City Pages used old satellite images and found that the forest has been there since 1991. In case the oddly shaped forest is a piece of man-made land art, designed by a creative forester, it is quite probable that he did it using nothing but a compass and a map.

Via Neatorama, CityPages