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Image ©Mika Huisman

The area around Haltia boasts classic Finnish beauty, combining granite bedrock, dense forest foliage, and a sparkling lake. The bedrock acts as natural insulation for the north end of the center. The south end of Haltia faces the lake, creating a naturally ventilated flow of fresh air. Haltia’s façade is made up of a curvilinear sustainable wooden wall that meets expansive glass curtains. The double glazing floods the interior with natural lighting, while a wrap around terrace shades the interior, keeping it naturally cool.

The gorgeous center is also sustainably powered, using both solar energy and geothermal wells to heat the interior during winter. Photovoltaic panels line the top of Haltia in-between plants on the green roof. The building’s structural elements, interior and exterior are mostly made from sustainable cross-laminated timber, emulating the forest enclosing the property.

The Finnish Nature Center Haltia combines sustainable design with renewable energy, while giving an estimated 200,000 visitors access to the serene Nuuksio National Park each year.

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Images ©Leuku / Voitto Niemelä and ©Mika Huisman