The phrase “A la lata,” translates as ‘to the can’ in Spanish. A commonly uttered phrase in Colombia, the expression itself also refers to the act of doing something spontaneously, with a great deal of enthusiasm. With Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos’ beautifully constructed A La Lata Chair – the concept of executing something amazing on the fly, using whatever available means, definitely takes on a whole new meaning. Meticulously assembled using 1739 recycled aluminum can tabs, Hoyos’ unique lounge chair incorporates traditional handicraft techniques with cutting-edge contemporary design, much like the chair version of the fabulous Escama bag. Durable and ideal for exterior use, the real beauty is in the fact that the chair is entirely recycled.

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While sustainability appears to be the main motivation for the Colombian-born designer, issues of cultural identity are also taken into account here. With Hoyos’ creations, the emphasis is never entirely placed on the final product itself – equal attention is given to the the complete process, including how the product will impact the people responsible for its fabrication. By involving local communities in developing countries in the collection of the tabs and weaving of the material, Hoyos’ sees his chair as a means of generating a source of income for the needy as well as an environmentally-sound example of comfy, sensible furniture design.

Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos’