Instead of designing a swanky tower in an overcrowded neighborhood in Hong Kong, international architecture firm Aedas opted to create an apartment building that reinterprets Hong-Kong’s traditional architecture. Located in the Mongkok District, which has a population density of 130,000 people per square kilometer, the new tower features a lush living wall that enhances quality of life in the neighborhood.

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The architects decided to add greenery at the pedestrian level with agreen wall that will seemingly protrude from the solid façade of the podium and link the building to the historical cityscape. Structures from the post-war years, with illegal balconies and improvised gardens, are reinterpreted in a modern way “using irregular protrusions to create unobstructed views for each apartment.”

The building transforms the area and gives it a green urban backdrop, while providing its inhabitants with small, but functional living spaces and great views of the city. Construction on the project commenced recently.

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