Passengers flying over Ireland’s County Donegal have been struck by a curious formation in the treetops, posting their findings to social media and gaining the public’s attention. It seems some crafty person has quietly planted two different varieties of trees within this massive forest, creating the image of a gigantic Celtic cross from above.

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Aerial shots have been taken by passengers flying into the City of Derry Airport, prompting UTV Northern Ireland to take flyover footage of the scene. The team discovered the emblem was created by local man Liam Emmery, a late forester in the area. Emmery passed away in 2010, but not before planting the differing tree types in the iconic formation. UTV reports, “Even his family knew little about his creation.”

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Apparently, the cross has been visible for a few years, yet this year’s particularly dry autumn has made the light yellow colors of the trees pop against the surrounding greenery. The cross is estimated to be 300 feet long and contain thousand of trees. Gareth Austin, a local horticulturist, told UTV, “We’re going to be appreciating this for the next sixty or seventy years.”

Via Atlas Obscura, ITV

Images via UTV (screenshot)