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Bursting with different colors and textures, from mosses to flowering plants, the vertical wall covers most of the façade of Il Fiordaliso. Its lush texture doesn’t just transform an ordinary commercial space into a garden oasis — it also gives a better quality of air to the area surrounding the mall. The vibrant wall also cuts down on Il Fiordaliso’s energy consumption, blocking solar gain and insulating in the colder months. The plants also absorb noise and emissions from cars idling in the nearby parking lot.

Over 44,000 plants were grown to cover the façade of the shopping center. Each of the plants took root in supported sections that were assembled like a big structure of LEGOS, fitting together to create a sturdy system that could be easily irrigated and taken care of. The plants snuggle together in metal containers that allow the roots to thrive. Although a little more expensive than traditional vertical gardens, Bollani’s metal container system makes for easier care.

Bollani’s gorgeous wall beats out Patrick Blanc’s living wall in Madrid, which formerly held the title of World’s Largest Vertical Garden, at 9,084 square feet.

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