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A Palace For Nature, sanzpont arquitectura, eco palace, botanical gardens, oasis, desert architecture, qatar

Sanzpont Arquitectura was invited to submit a proposal for an international restricted competition to create an innovative, ecological palace in Qatar. Their “A Palace For Nature” proposal balanced luxurious space with meaningful design that promotes life and nature. The palace is composed of a series of indoor and outdoor gardens, pavilions and water features. The main space is an oasis covered by a perforated dome inspired by the leafy branches of the Sidra Tree, which is native to Qatar. The dome is filled with lush vegetation and water features and it contains places for rest, relaxation and socializing.

As Sanzpont explains, “Architecture design should be integrated with its surrounding environment [and] should reflect its culture in time, so we studied their historical typologies and architectural language to evolve it into innovative vanguard design [with] plenty of cultural heritage.” The palace and gardens are kept cool and comfortable thanks to a microclimate created by a mist irrigation system. Water is sourced from an underground aquifer and on-site desalination, and all water is reclaimed through a grey water system and stored in landscaping lakes and water features. Daylighting and natural ventilation reduce energy use, while integrated photovoltaics provide electricity to run the various systems included the artistic LED nighttime lighting features.

Images ©Sanzpont Arquitectura