The ultra-aerodynamic Bluebird electric vehicle set out to set a new land speed record for the UK last Saturday, but the run resulted in a shockingly bad accident instead. The Bluebird reportedly struggled with poor visibility and struck a pothole, which sent the green EV sliding sideways at speeds of over 100 miles per hour over the slippery Pendine Sands in Wales.

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Fortunately the pilot, Joseph Wales, was uninjured in the crash, which damaged the prototype’s bodywork, suspension, and steering system. Don Wales, the father of the pilot, said of the pothole that caused the crash, “When you can’t see the ground in front of you for 60 meters or 70 meters you’re in trouble before you’ve seen it.” However, he added, “This really is the start of a two or three-year campaign with a target of 500 mph.” Now that’s a far sight beyond 137 miles per hour, the record set for EVs in the UK back in 2000.

Via AutoBlog Green